Walter C. Cox, Jr.,

Senior Attorney



It all started in 1940, during his senior year at Lancaster High School in Lancaster, KY.  The senior play was about a lawyer, and Walter C. Cox, Jr. was the star.  "He carried a brief case, wore a hat, and had a girlfriend," to quote from his recent book "I Love My Angel."

Following graduation, Walter attended the University of Kentucky where he majored in Pre-Law.  In June 1942, Walter was admitted into Law School after completing 2 years of Pre-Law.  In April of 1943, after completing 3 quarters of Law School, the Army ROTC required Walter to complete Officer Candidate School in Fort Benning, Georgia.  After graduating from Fort Benning as 2nd Lieutenant on August 8, 1944, Walter served as Platoon Leader of the 70th Infantry Division until November, 1944.  On December 25, 1944, Walter entered into combat as a Rifle Platoon Leader in the Battle of the Bulge.  After the Battle of the Bulge ended, Walter was made Executive Officer, followed immediately by 1st Lieutenant and Company Commander promotions.  After the war was over, Walter was then transferred to the 3rd Division, 1st Battalion, where he was named Battalion Adjutant and was promoted to rank of Captain.  He returned home June 25, 1946.

After returning home, Walter attended and finished Law School in September of 1948.  From 1948 - 1951, Walter practiced law in Lancaster and was elected Judge of Lancaster city government.  In 1954, Tommy Bell and Walter established Bell & Cox, which is currently known as Fowler & Bell present day.  Walter served as managing partner of the firm from 1975-1988, and remained on the staff until 2004.

The Law Offices of Attorney Walter C. Cox, Jr. was established in 2004 and focuses primarily on Estate Planning, including, but not limited to, Probate, Living Trusts, Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Advance Directives.

Douglas T. Hawkins,

Associate Attorney



Douglas T. Hawkins graduated High School in Ada, OK in 1987. He finished college at East Central University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History Education in December of 1991.  Immediately, he entered the field of ministry full time in January of 1992 and continues to serve as an active minister today on a part time basis.  Having an ambition to have his own secular means of income, Doug started in the financial service industry in the spring of 2000. From there, he completed his certification for financial planning and earned his designation as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ in the spring of 2008 and then began law school at Salmon P. Chase in the fall of 2008.

Chase graduated him with a Juris Doctorate in December of 2011 and he successfully passed the Kentucky Bar in February of 2012 and successfully passed the Texas Bar in July of 2012.

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